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Restore iPhone from Backup

How to Restore iPhone from Backup

There are many causes leading to iPhone data lost, such as deleting files by accident, factory reset, iOS upgrade, etc. Whatever the cause is, you need to know you can get them back.

So, how can we restore those lost data? If you have backups in iTunes or iCloud, it is true you can extract the data on them. But they have defects. You can only restore data of a certain date. iPhone Data Recovery, on the contrary, offers you more choices. You are allowed to restore whatever you want and drop those you needn’t, which feels like moving your home.

Tutorial 1: Restore Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Choose your backup to extract

Download iPhone Data Recovery, connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes. When your device is detected, you can see the interface as follows. Click "Recover from iTunes Backup" in the left menu, then all the files you’ve backed up in iTunes will be listed out. Select one and click "Start Scan".

Recover iPhone Data from Backup

Step 2. Restore data from iTunes backup

Now all the backup data will be displayed on the screen. You can preview your files and check them one by one before you recover. Select the files you want to recover, and then click the button "Recover".

Restore iPhone Data from Backup

Tutorial 2: Restore Data from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Log in your Apple ID

Launch iPhone Data Recovery, choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File", and log in your Apple ID.

Extract iPhone Data from Backup

Step 2. Download and scan your iCloud backup

If you successfully log in, the program will display you all the iCloud backup files. Choose one of them and click "Download". And then click "Scan".

Get back iPhone Data from Backup

Step 3. Restore Data From iCloud Backup

Now you can preview the items in your iCloud backup. Select what you want and click "Recover".

iPhone Data Recovery

Note: You can return the "Home" screen to remove the downloaded iCloud backup data from your PC before exit.

No need to worry about your lost data and no need to hesitate. You can get your data back right now. iPhone Data Recovery, is for sure the best choice for you.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 20 Mar, 2014

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