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Recover Deleted Calendars on iPhone

How to Recover Deleted Calendars on iPhone

I had important business schedules for next month on the calendar, but I found the calendar disappeared this morning. Now I realize that it is my son who deleted it, which happened when he was playing with my phone last night. Can I find them back? Does anyone know some recovery software?

Yes! There is always a way out! Have a try on iPhone Data Recovery!

iPhone Data Recovery enables you to scan, preview and recover deleted calendars in just a few minutes. It is a powerful software, which is designed to solve data loss problems, such as calendar, photos, messages deletions.

Data loss usually results from mistakenly deletion, jailbkreaking, iOS updating, etc. With the help of this software, you can easily help yourself out and recover them.

Download this awesome program and have a free try!

Want to recover deleted calendars on iPhone now? Please follow these tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Recover Deleted Calendars from iPhone Directly

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC and launch iPhone Data Recovery

When linking your mobile phone to computer and run the recovery software, your iPhone would be detected and you will see 3 different modes in an interface.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

If you want to directly recover from iOS device, click on "Recover from iOS device" and "Start Scan" to scan data.

Step 2. Scan and preview calendar contents

The scanning time depends on how many files to be scanned. To retrieve calendars files, you can just choose to scan and preview calendar details.

If you choose to scan all, then a picture containing various kinds of data would be displayed as below. By clicking on the menu one after another, detailed information can be previewed. The deleted contents are listed in red, while those existing ones are in black.

Recover Calendars from iPhone

Step 3. Restore calendars from iPhone

The last step is to tick whatever you want, and simply hit on "Recover". After that, the lost calendar will be perfectly saved onto your computer.

Note: Tutorial 2 and tutorial 3 can also be your choices, as long as you have backed-up in iTunes or iCloud previously. If you want to regain calendars from backup files, please go ahead!

Tutorial 2: Restore Calendars from iTunes Backup

Step 1.Extract Backup files from iTunes

All of your iOS backup files are scanned when you choose the second recovery mode" Recover from iTunes Backup File" and click on "Start Scan". When scanning finishes, choose the targeted files containing your calendars and extract them from the list.

iPhone Data Recovery

Step 2. Retrieve targeted calendars and save to PC

When you see a picture as below, click on menu "Calendars" to check the details. Then tick those you need and simply click on "Recover" to save them to your computer.

Regain Calendars from iTunes Backup

Tutorial 3: Restore Calendars from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Sign in iCloud account

Select the third recovering form: Recover from iCloud Backup Files, and fill your iCloud account in the blank.

Restore Calendars from iCloud

Step 2. Download backup files

After step one, you can see all backup documents stored in iCloud. Choose the right ones and download them.

Restore Calendars from iCloud Backup

Step 3. Preview and regain calendars from iCloud

Open the targeted backup folders. Categories of contents are displayed, varying from photos to memos. To quickly and directly recover calendars, you just need to hit on menu named "Calendars" to preview the details and save whatever you want to computer.

Recover Calendars from iCloud Backup

All recovering process ends with a simply click on"Recover".You must have your calendar on computer now!

When you are also in the same situation of calendar loss, don't worry, iPhone Data Recovery gives you a hand and helps you out. It is so efficient and professional when dealing with calendars deletions and other data loss problems.

You can download this amazing software and have a free try!

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Bunyan Lisa
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Posted - 8 Aug, 2014

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