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Print Text Messages from iPhone

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

There are thousands of messages in my iPhone 5c. I want to print all of them out for later viewing. Can anyone offer a kind suggestion?

Yes! iPhone Data Recovery perfectly meets your need, which allows you to print text messages in three different ways.

When mentioning to text messages extraction, most iPhone users may choose to take screenshots on phone text one by one, and then send them to a wireless iOS printer. Done! But the fact is: This kind of method has its disadvantage. If a user has thousands of SMS stored in his smart phone, then he has to spend much time finishing them.

Compared to that, iPhone Data Recovery is more efficient to get your SMS.

1.You can easily export existing and deleted messages from iPhone, or iTunes backup, or iCloud backup.

2.All forms of messages can be saved to computer in HTML format, such as SMS, MMS, iMessages.

3.It applies to iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4, all iPads and iPod touch 5/4.

Click a right version of this software below and then follow me to finish your printing.

There are 3 solutions to print SMS:

Solution 1: Print Text Messages from iPhone Directly

Step1. Download iPhone Data Recovery on PC

Download, install, and launch this software. After detected, you will be able to enter the DFU mode. 3 methods are offered. Choose the first one: Recover from iOS Device.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

Step2. Scan messages in your iPhone

In this process, iPhone Data Recovery allows you to scan all data or just message files. When you choose to preview SMS files, you will amazingly see those messages deleted by you mistakenly. In other words, not only the visible messages in your phone can be printed out, but also deleted or lost ones in red color.

Print Messages from iOS Devices

Note: Please keep your iPhone connected with your computer all the time.

Step3. Retrieve and print SMS from iOS devices

Tick the items you need to print out, and click "Recover". After that, you have perfectly saved the messages in your PC to print.

If you have backed-up , then you can refer to Solution 2 or Solution 3.

Solution 2:Extract Text Messages from iTunes Backup

Step1. Extract text messages from iTunes

After entering into the DFU mode, you are supposed to choose the mode in the middle and click "Start Scan".

Then you will see a list of your backup file, just extract the targeted messages files from iTunes.

iPhone Data Recovery

Step2. Preview and print messages

In this procedure, you are able to preview all data. Click "Messages & Call logs" to look into the details of your messages files. Tick what you want to print, and choose button "Recover" to export them to your PC.

Print Messages from iTunes Backup

Solution 3: Extract Text Messages from iCloud Backup

Step1. Download messages from iCloud files

When you choose the third recovery mode, you are required to sign in your iCloud account.

After logging in, all of your backup files are listed. You need to download the right ones containing your messages.

Print SMS from iCloud Backup

Step2. Preview text messages from iCloud

All kinds of data can be scanned as the screenshot shows. If you want to drag your messages from your backup to your computer, click the column named "Messages & Call logs" to preview one by one. Lastly, choose the targeted ones and recover them to computer.

Print Text Messages from iCloud Backup

Warm tips: Not only messages can be easily and efficiently exported to PC, but also photos, videos, contacts, call logs, and more, up to 18 file types.

Not matter you want to print messages, or regain lost data, iPhone Data Recovery can help you. It is a profession program dealing with data exporting and recovering issues.

Have a try now!

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 29 Jul, 2014

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