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Retrieve iPhone Photos from iCloud Backup

How to Retrieve iPhone Photos from iCloud Backup

Regular backup for iPhone is quite necessary since things happen without prediction, such as accidental deletion, careless operation or virus attack. But after you backed up your photos to iCloud, you also need to extract them out from the backup. Generally, there are two ways to retrieve iPhone photos from iCloud backup. One is recovering images directly from iCloud backup file. But With this method, your current pictures will be replaced by your backup images. This is why the other method is highly recommended: retrieving iPhone photos selectively from iCloud backup via iPhone Data Recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery is famous for its powerful function and easy-to-operate steps. It can selectively retrieve your lost file from iCloud backup without losing the original data in your iPhone. Besides, the procedure is clear enough to understand.

How to Retrieve iPhone Photos from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Sign in Your iCloud Account

Launch iPhone Data Recovery and select the third mode "Recover from iCloud Backup File". When you get the window below, please sign in your iCloud account.

Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup

Step 2. Download and Scan iCloud Backup File

If you've successfully signed in your iCloud account, all found iCloud backup files will be displayed on the window. Choose the right one and download it on your computer. When it is finished, please click "Scan" to analyze iCloud backup, which will be a while.

Recover iPhone Photos from iCloud

Step 3. Retrieve Photos from iCloud

After the scanning, the window will show you the scanning result. You can preview all found pictures by clicking Camera Roll, Photo Library or App Photos. Check the items you want and click "Recover" to restore them.

iPhone Data Recovery

Now you can get your precious pictures back on your iPhone. Actually, iPhone Data Recovery not only helps retrieve iPhone photos from iCloud backup files, but also allows you to recover data from iTunes backup or directly from your devices. If you want more info, please contact us by commenting below or follow our Facebook and Google+.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 3 Jul, 2014

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