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Get iPhone Enter and Exit DFU Mode

How to Get iPhone Enter and Exit DFU Mode

What is iPhone Recovery Mode?

iPhone Recovery Mode is used to restore iOS firmware,which allows iDevice to maintain its newest iOS system or update a newer iOS version.

What is DFU Mode?

The full name of DFU is Device Firmware Update. Under DFU Mode, you can choose or change the firmware you want to install onto your iOS devices. In other words, DFU Mode is used to upgrade or downgrade the firmware. For example, you can enter DFU Mode to restore a previous iOS version, jailbreak iPhone or unlock SIM if you want. If standard recovery fails to get iOS devices back to working condition, DFU may help to solve this problem.

Since DFU Mode can restore a lower iOS version ,while iPhone Recovery Mode cannot, many people may ask: Since DFU Mode enables users to solve restoring problems, then how to get iPhone enter those states? Well, as a matter of fact, it is not a complicated technical issue at all. Everybody with an iPhone can do it all by himself or herself following the 2 guides below.

Guide 1: How to Get iPhone into Recovery Mode

Enter Recovery Mode

Before the steps, you should ensure that iTunes is successfully installed on your computer.

Step 1. Turn off iPhone and disconnect it with PC.

Step 2. Press the Home button.

Step 3. Connect iPhone to computer when pressing the Home.

Step 4. Keep pressing the Home until the iPhone screen says it has been linked with iTunes, which means that you have enter the Recovery Mode.

Exit Recovery Mode

Keep pressing the power button for around 10 seconds.

Guide 2: How to Get iPhone into DFU Mode

Go into DFU Mode

Step 1. Connect iOS device to PC

Step 2. Turn off iPhone or iPad or iPod

Step 3. Hold the device, and then press the Power and Home buttons at the same time for exactly 10 seconds.

Step 4. Release the Power button, and keep pressing the Home button for another 10 seconds. When the computer says it has detected an iPhone in DFU Mode, that means you have perfectly entered the DFU Mode and you can let your pressing finger go.

Step 5. After a few seconds, the iTunes will detect the iOS device in DFU Mode automatically.

Out of DFU Mode

Press the power and Home buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

The comparison of DFU Mode and Recovery Mode:

DFU Mode and Recovery Mode

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Posted - 12 Aug, 2014

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