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Wipe iPhone Permanently

How to Wipe iPhone

My friend wants to sell her old iPhone because she has recently bought a new one, iPhone 6. Although she has deleted all the information inside, the possibility of data-retrieving worries her. And she was anxious for a tool that can wipe the whole iPhone permanently. When it comes to this, I think she should consider iPhone Data Eraser.

iPhone Data Eraser is the software dedicated to help iPhone users wipe their iPhones forever. That is, it erases all the information in the iPhone without any chance to recover, not even with iPhone Data Recovery.

How to Wipe iPhone

Note: This is absolutely unrecoverable. So please make sure that you have backed up your important data before performing the steps below.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to the Computer

Run iPhone Data Eraser and use a data cable to connect iPhone to the computer. If it comes out the window with "Failed to connect", go to your iPhone and tap "Trust" on the pop-up dialogue box.

iPhone Data Eraser

Step 2. Make Sure You Want to Delete All iPhone Data

Select "Erase All Data" in the left column. If you are sure to clean all the information on iPhone, type "delete" in the blank and click "Erase Now".

Note: You are allowed to choose the security level. Generally, "Medium" is just enough.

iOS Data Eraser

Step 3. Clean up All iPhone Content

Now the software will respectively erase your apps, music & movies from iTunes, and private data, etc., which show on the interface.

Wipe iPhone Data

After that, your iPhone will restart.

Erase iPhone Data

Then, iPhone Data Eraser starts to wipe all the free space. If it pops up on the phone with "Storage Almost Full", just tap "Done" and remember not to disconnect your iPhone.

Wipe iPhone Data Permanently

iPhone Data Eraser is able to wipe your iPhone until it is as clean as factory-set and no one can recover your information. But still, do back up before you do the erasing since the data cannot be recovered with any recovering tools. Any questions, please contact us by commenting below.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 25 Oct, 2014

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