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Reduce Photo Size on iPhone

How to Reduce Photo Size on iPhone

"Everyone around me has upgraded to iOS 8 but I am still concerning about my storage. I can’t finish the upgradation because my iPhone has no enough space for it. I am really upset. Do I have to remove all my photos and Apps? Could anyone give me some tips?"

- Jazz

Upgradation for higher iOS requires rather much space while some people cannot reach the standard and they fail to upgrade to iOS 8. Actually, solutions to this vary. But leaving more space on your iPhone is surly a better way. Here iPhone Data Eraser offers you the chance to reduce your photo size on iPhone.

iPhone Data Eraser is the software to compress iPhone photos but keep the quality at the same time. This means you can enjoy your pictures as well as getting spare storage. As for the procedure, it is quite easy. With three or two steps, you can successfully reduce your photo size.

How to Reduce Photo Size on iPhone

Step 1. Connect to PC

The first step is to launch iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPhone to the computer. Click "Photo Compressor" on the left column and "Start Scan" on the right.

iPhone Data Eraser

Note: Before the compression, your original photos will be automatically backed up and stored to default file on PC. If you want to save them somewhere else, click the setting icon at the right corner, and modify the photo backup path.

Compress iPhone Photos

Step 2. Reduce Your Photo Size

When the scanning is finished, your photos will be displayed and checked. Also, space saved after the compression will be shown on the above. If you do not want to compress a photo, just uncheck it. Then, click "Start".

Reduce Size of Photos on iPhone

This is the end of the compression. Space you’ve saved and the current storage your photos consumed will be shown on the window.

iOS Data Eraser

Whether you want to upgrade or not, it is not a bad idea to leave more space for iPhone. With extra storage, you are possible to download other information and enjoy yourself better. And iPhone Data Eraser will be always here for you. Download it and treat yourself the best experience!

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - Oct 10, 2014

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