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Get Started to Erase iOS Device

Many people have encountered such a situation: Jack sold his iPhone 5c on eBay. Before that he had already deleted all his data from the phone, but what he doesn't know is that these data, which is not totally wiped out, can still be recovered through software like iPhone Data Recovery. Sometime later, he received advertising messages frequently from some guy. Undoubtedly, identity thieves have laid eyes on him.

So, to avoid this, what can we do to erase an iOS Device? An answer may come to your mind-overwriting the data. Yes, exactly. But, with what? This is the issue we will discuss about today. A third-party software, iPhone Data Eraser is now introduced to you for the safety of your personal information.

iPhone Data Eraser can cover your iPhone files without effort. It provides three modes for you-"Erase Private Data", "Erase Deleted Files" and "Erase All Data". With it, your privacy is guaranteed.

This article contains three parts:

Tutorial 1: Erase Private Data from iPhone

Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Eraser and Connect Your iPhone to PC

When you have installed the software, double click to open it, and you will see the interface as the following. Plug iPhone in the USB port via a cord. The information of your phone is to be shown on the window.

Erase iOS Devices

Note: Remember to tap "Trust" on your phone screen if this is the first time you have ever connected it to PC.

Step 2. Choose "Erase Private Data"

Press the button "Start Scan" to get the software starting to analyze the iPhone. When that is finished, the items will be listed, including Deleted Data, Safari Cache, Safari History and so on. Check those you want.

Erase iPhone Data

Wipe iOS Devices

Step 3. Erase iPhone now

Press "Erase Now" to finish the whole process. When it is ended, the phrase "Successfully erased" will be displayed on the upper part. Click "Done"

Wipe iPhone Files

Tutorial 2: Overwrite Your Deleted Files

This mode will only write over the contents that you have already removed.

Step 1. Choose the Mode to Erase iPhone Deleted Files

Plug iDevices in first. Wait for detection and select "Erase Deleted Files". Now "Start Scan" should be tapped to proceed to the second step.

Clean iPhone Data

Step 2. Tick the to-be-erased Apple items

The scanning process can cost you a few minutes. Then, preview the detail to decide if they are really to be gone. Check these data such as contacts, messages, call history.

iPhone Data Eraser

Step 3. Start the Erasure on iOS Devices

Press "Erase Now" and the window will turn into this one, showing you how far the program has gone.

iOS Data Eraser

Remember to tap on "Done" at the end.

Note: You can always click "Stop" when needed.

Tutorial 3: Get Rid of All Your iOS Data

Please be careful when you take this mode. It is like factory reset, except you can not restore the old contents at all.

Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Eraser

Open the app in the same way you run a normal one. Then connect the iPhone and the computer. iPhone Data Eraser will automatically detect the phone. Choose "Erase All Data" and go to the next step.

Erase iPhone Private Data

Step2. Confirm Your will to Write Over All the Document of iDevices

Enter the word "delete" and press "Erase Now". Usually we set the "Security Level" at "Medium", which means that the erasure is untraceable.

Erase Deleted Files from iPhone

Step 3. Wait for the Erasure Process to End

If your iOS Data Eraser is a free trial version, only the music and the videos in your apps are going to be cleaned up. But, if you have paid for the software, the whole phone will be reset and nothing can be retrieved again.

Erase Deleted Photos from iPhone

Does it help? Try if you don't want personal info leaking. And, leave us comments in case you have any problem concerning this software, iPhone Data Eraser.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - Jan 06, 2014

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