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Install iPhone Data Eraser

Install iPhone Data Eraser


iPhone Data Eraser provides the most effective and safest data protection solution available by permanently wiping all personal data (include messages, music, video, contacts, bookmarks, apps and more) from the device and resetting system setting with just one click. To protect your private data, iPhone Data Eraser is 100% permanently erase your iDevice’s data with three different modes (low & medium &high). There are two modes of data erasing on iPhone Dara Eraser, ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE which means that deleting all data including the data you decide to delete and the data you’ve deleted before and ERASE DELETED FILES which means that delete the data you’ve deleted before thoroughly and won’t affect the other data on your iPhone. It's worth mentioning that no data recovery tool can recover any personal data from the device after your erasing. So you are free from worries of leakage of personal information. iPhone Data Eraser is a green and easy operation software with no spyware and no viruses. You can rest assured that it will be your best assistant.

Well, you can also follow some simple steps on the unintall page if you want to remove iPhone Data Eraser some day. Now, to get started installing iPhone Data Eraser, you can download iPhone Data Eraser by clicking the download button below.

What you will need

• iPhone Data Eraser
• An iPhone, iPad, or iPod
• Windows PC
• USB cable

Before you begin

If you want to install iPhone Data Eraser to be your assistant, you should make a backup of your important data, or you can’t get back any data with any recovery tool when the program starts erasing.

Click the following button and download for Window 8/7/Vista/XP or Mac

After clicking the download button, save it in a folder you want. Then go to the file and double click iPhone Data Eraser setup program to begin the installation.

Click Run, and the detailed installation guide will help your through the setup.

the language of installation

Choose the language of the installation.

click next to continue

You will be guided through the installation process. Click Next to continue the process.

read and accept the agreement

Then read and accept the agreement

select the destination location

Select the destination location of the eraser.

wait a few minutes

click finish to the end

Wait a short while and click Finish when the installation ends.

Afterwards, launch iPhone Data Eraser on your desktop by double click on it.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 3 Jan, 2014
The article tells you some features of iPhone Data Eraser and how to install it on your PC.

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