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Delete Everything on iPhone

How to Delete Everything on iPhone

"Hi there. Any one knows how I can remove all the data on my iPhone 5c? I mean, like totally erase them. Here is the thing: I am giving it to my little sister, so I would like to wipe the phone clean. But, only my photo albums won’t delete. What can I do? "


To Delete everything on iPhone, you can go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. But, this is not safer than just leaving the photos in your iPhone, because the files can still be restored with software like iPhone Data Recovery. To clean up the messages, call history, facetime, contacts and the other up-to-24 documents and prevent them from being retrieved, you will probably need this, iPhone Data Eraser.

iPhone Data Eraser protects your personal info perfectly. The way it does this is to write random contents over your files, so that these things could no be found back again.

Download and install it first.

Easiest Way to Refurbish iPhone 5c

Note: Please think twice and do a backup file before you do this, for all the documents will be gone forever.

Step 1. Connect iPhone 5c with PC

Open iPhone Data Eraser. And then plug in the phone using the USB cable that comes with your iDevice. You may see such a window which says "Failed to connect" if this is the first time.

Delete Everything on iPhone

When it happens to you, go to your iPhone and tap "Trust" on the pop-up interface. Afterwards, the information of your device will be displayed on the screen.

Wipe iPhone Data Permanently

Step 2. Confirm that You Want to Delete Everything on iPhone 5c

The security level is usually set at "Medium". That means erasure is untraceable. If you want to change it, click the word "Medium" and you will see this.

iPhone Data Eraser

Tap "Ok" if you have finished the setting. Fill the box with the word "delete" and then press "Erase Now".

Erase iPhone Data Permanently

Step 3. Wait until All iPhone Files are Wiped

This may cost some time. And if your software is an unpaid version, it can only get rid of the cache of your music app and video app.

Wipe iPhone Data

Erase Data from iPhone

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - Jan 12, 2014

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