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Erase Private Data from iPhone

How to Erase Private Data from iPhone

Have you heard about that recent celebrity photo hacks? One definitely does not want their personal information to leak because it is rather embarrassing. And, have you heard that the deleted files can be recovered with the help of some program? (iPhone Data Recovery is one of them.) We can see that totally erasing you private from an iPhone is not overacting. Rather, it makes sure that your privacy is protected.

To guarantee that the life details will not be "stole" and used for improper personal gain, you are recommended to installed iPhone Data Eraser. It is a great tool to wipe user documents on an iDevice. Download by clicking the button below and try it out.

A convenient way to eliminate private iPhone Data

Note: Please perform a backup of the things you may need because you can not restore them without a pre-made file.

Step 1. Get the iPhone Connected and Trust the Computer

Launch the software first and connect the device to the PC with a USB cable. When connection fails, it is likely that the iOS device has never been plugged in before. Try to tap "Trust" on the phone screen if there is any. If not, use another cord or restart the machine.

iPhone Data Eraser

Step 2. Scan for Unwanted iPhone Files

Choose "Erase Private Data" on that blue section when you see this interface.

iOS Data Eraser

Then, click the button "Start Scan" in the middle. After that iPhone Data Eraser will analyze the handset.

Delete Private Data from iPhone

Step 3. Select iPhone Items after Scanning

There are in all ten of them. (Deleted Data included.) You may tick some or all the types. Let’s take "Deleted Data", "Safari Cookies" and "Keyboard Cache" for example. Press "Erase Now".

Erase Private Data from iPhone

Have a free trial and decide if iPhone Data Eraser suits your need. And you may share this guide through Google+ or Facebook.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 7 Sept, 2014

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