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Erase Private Call History on iPhone

How to Erase Private Call History on iPhone

"Well, I have pressed iPhone button "Delete" and removed all of my private call history out of my phone, so nobody could find them." If you have such an idea in mind, then you are totally wrong! As a matter of fact, with the help of some data recovery software, for example, iPhone Data Recovery, up to 28 categories of deleted or lost iPhone contents can be easily previewed and recovered within several clicks by someone!

Not only call history, but also contacts, photos, music, videos, are able to be regained, which means that, if you want to erase call logs permanently, you have to use a 3rd-party app-iPhone Data Eraser to make them forever gone in case of private information leakage!

iPhone Data Eraser is an awesome program, which enables iOS users to erase data completely for various reasons: saving more usable space, speeding up iDevices, protecting personal information, and so forth. If you want to thoroughly clean up your call history now, please read the tutorial as below and follow me!

Firstly, you are supposed to click and download the data erasing software in right version.

Secondly, connect iPhone to computer and run the well-downloaded software. If your iPhone interface says "Trust This Computer", simply press on "Trust" so as to get your phone to be detected.

Tutorial: How to Permanently Erase Private Call History on iPhone.

This tutorial is separated into 3 parts:

Part 1: Completely Clean up iPhone Call History from "Erase Private Data"

Step 1. Scan iPhone information

Choose method "Erase Private Data" on the left side and hit on button "Start Scan", a list of private information will be displayed, including safari files, messages, call history and so on.

Clean up iPhone History

Step 2. Delete call logs

To delete , you are required to tick the blank next to the targeted item: Call History and click on "Erase Now". If there is a need, refer to the following picture.

Erase iPhone Call History

Part 2: Permanently Clear iPhone Call Logs from "Erase Deleted Files"

As said before, deleted call logs on iPhone are not really cleared. Those memos deleted by you are still staying in somewhere. So, in this part, you are allowed to check those deleted items.

Step 1. Scan deleted documents

Select "Erase Deleted Files" and click on "Start Scan". The erasing software will automatically analyze files deleted by you intentionally or accidentally. After a few minutes, you can preview all of them.

Clean Call Logs from iPhone

Step 2. Remove deleted call history

What you need to do is to check if there are any deleted call records. If yes, choose those items, and then get rid of them.

Lastly, press "Done" to end this part.

Delete iPhone Call Logs Completely

Part 3: Thoroughly Remove iOS Contents from "Erase All Data"

This method is to restore your device back to its factory setting, which will be no effects on your device's OS. If you want to erase iPhone data totally, please continue the following process.

Step 1. Confirm to delete

Choose "Erase All Data". Then input "delete" to the blank so as to confirm your deleting decision or prove that you are not a robot.

Erase iPhone Call History

Step 2. Erase iPhone contents sequentially

After deletion confirmation, all kinds of data would be removed away one by one. Please refer to pictures as below.

Wipe iPhone Call History

Erase iPhone Call Records

The whole process costs you just a few minutes!

So efficient, right? If you like this program, don't forget to share the program links with your friends!

If you have any problems about this software, please contact us! We will answer you as soon as possible!

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 22 Aug, 2014

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