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How to Securely Erase Everything on an iPod touch Before Selling

It seems to many people that simply deleting your data on an iPod touch can protect privacy. Truth is part or all of the personal information can be recovered when you are selling the handset to a stranger. Have you notice that the word "part" is used? The answer is that the files may be overwritten when you are adding new ones to the iDevice. So, this offers us a way to securely erase everything. But, we can make use of an application instead of doing it manually.

iPhone Data Eraser, an application that meets our demand, is characteristic of the intuitive interface and efficiency. Besides, the device will run faster, which makes it easier to sell.

Note: Please remember that your data can not be retrieved again unless you have performed a backup file first.

Perfectly Clean up Your iPod touch

Step 1. Open iPhone Data Eraser and Connect the iPod to PC

Download the software. And then open it after installment. The first time you plug the device in, "Trust" on the handset screen need to be tapped so that the computer can reach your iPoddata.

iPhone Data Eraser

Next, choose that last mode "Erase All Data" and proceed to the next step.

iOS Data Eraser

Step 2. Select Security Level and Wipe the iPod

By default, the security level is set at medium. If you want to save time, click the word "Medium" and tick "Low". Apparently, the higher the level is, the longer you must wait. To continue, you have to enter "delete" and press "Erase Now". (Make sure that your device is backed up and won’t be unplugged.)

Erase iPod Data Permanently

Step 3. Wait Until the Erasure is Over

The information on the iPod, including apps, messages, photos, contacts, will all be wiped. And the iDevice is going to shut down and start again so as to prepare for the next move.

Wipe iPod Data before Selling

At last, the free space on the iPod touch will be erased. You can get the notice on the handset which is "Storage Almost Full", because the software is actually writing "blank" data in order to prevent them from being restored. In the middle of the window, you can see the time left and how far the process has gone. This may take some time. Please be patient and you will find it worthwhile.

Erase Everything on iPod

Erase All Data from iPod touch

Click "Done" when you are prompted that "All data on your device has been erased".

How do you like iPhone Data Eraser? With almost one click, it will do the job automatically. Try it and make sure that no one can undelete the files on the iDevice.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 1 Feb, 2014

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