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Erase iPhone Completely

How to Erase iPhone Completely

If you intend to buy iPhone 6, you must have been thinking how to deal with the old iPhone, especially those private data stored in it. There is a third-party app named iPhone Data Recovery, which is such a program designed to help iOS users to recover their intentionally or accidentally deleted data, such as messages, contacts, photos, call logs, and so on. That is exactly what you are worrying! Right?

But there is always a way for you. iPhone Data Eraser can totally remove all of your worries! It is an efficient and useful software, which helps iOS owners to erase iPhone completely. Not only business contacts, but also private messages, call logs, photos can be wiped out in five minutes and no one can find a way to recover your data for evil or whatever reasons.

If you are also confronted with this problem or looking for a method to permanently delete all iPhone data before selling or donating your phone, then iPhone Data Eraser is a good choice for you, as it writes random data over the old ones so as to let them forever gone.

You should know:

With it, up to 18 types of iPhone contents can be erased completely, including SMS, call history, memos, photos, videos, notes, bookmarks, and so forth.

The kinds of iDevices this program supports involve iPhone 6/5s/5c/5/4s/4, all iPad, iPod touch 5/4.

Now, read the following guides to learn how to erase iPhone data step by step.

First of all, you need to click on the button below (the 1st one is for Windows users, the 2nd one is for Mac users) and install it.

The tutorial will be separated into 2 parts:

Part 1: Get iOS Device Detected

Step1. Connect iPhone to PC and Launch iPhone Data Eraser.

When you have successfully installed the erasing software, please double click to run it. And then plug your iPhone in the USB port via its digital cable. If your phone is already detected, you can see an interface with your iDevice information as below.

Remove iPhone Data Permanently

If your mobile phone fails to be detected, you will receive a prompt from your iPhone "Trust This Computer?". Simply press on "Trust" in order to get phone detected.

Clear iPhone Data Completely

Part 2: Erase iPhone Data Completely

After detected, please have a look at the menu on the left side. As a matter of fact, "Erase Private Data" enables you to get rid of personal information, for example, photos, text messages, memos. "Erase Deleted Files" makes it possible to permanently wipe out already deleted contents.

And if you choose "Erase All data", you are going to remove all of your iPhone data. You can refer to the following details of this method.

Step1.Type "delete" to confirm

Click on the last method, you are able to see a screenshot, which requires you to type the word "delete" to continue the process.

Erase iPhone Completely

Step2. Delete all contents part by part

In this process, various of iOS data would be erased in sequence, which will cost you a few minutes. The erasing time depends on the file sizes to be removed.

You will go through these processes:

Erase iPhone Data Completely

Erase iPhone Data Permanently

Delete iPhone Data Completely

Finishes! All data are perfectly cleared at this moment! You just need to click on "Done" to end.

Remove iPhone Data Permanently

If you want to see if this program really works, you can also try iPhone Data Recovery software to check.

No need to worry about iPhone privacy leakage from now on! With iPhone Data Eraser, all kinds of information can be easily and permanently gone in several clicks.

Below is a free trial version for you!

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 20 Aug, 2014

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