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How to Permanently Erase an iPad's Data Before Selling It

Do you know that the data on the internal or external memory can be recovered after deletion? Have this ever come into your mind? When your iPad is sold, the stranger may restore your deleted file without effort. It is truth that many people know about it. Yet, they may think that nothing can be done to protect their privacy for the lack of expert knowledge. This is nothing close to the truth-you can do the job with the help of an app. If you are now also selling your iPad, this article will definitely help you.

iPhone Data Eraser is the very application, which erases an iPad’s data permanently. It deals with all the information on your handset, including apps, messages, Apple ID, contacts, photos so that no one can ever gain your private things.

Feel free to download and have a free trial.

Clean up Your iPad Data Forever

Note: Backing up your tablet is the first thing to do. Do save your files on the computer so that you can retrieve these deleted iOS content or get access to them when in need.

Step 1. Connect iPad to PC

Open iPhone Data Eraser and you may see this interface if connection has never been performed before. One of the reasons why connection might fail is that you have not trust the computer on the iPad. Go to the handset and click "Trust". When it does not work, you can change a new USB cable or try to plug the device in again.

iPhone Data Eraser

Now, the details can be seen. Choose the last mode "Erase All Data"

iPad Data Eraser

Step 2. Get Started to Erase All Contents on iPad

You can select the security level by clicking "Medium". There are three options-low, medium and high. Of course, higher level needs more time. So, usually we set it at "Medium". You need to type the word "delete" in the blank. This is a special design to prevent you from wiping the tablet by mistake. And then, tap "Erase Now".

iOS Data Eraser

Step 3. Wait for the End of Erasure

This step is divided into three parts. (If you don’t care what is going on with the iDevice, you can spend your time doing other things, because the process is automatic. Just click "Done" when it is over.) In the first part, the software will clear the content such as apps, photos, messages and so forth. In the second part, your iPad will restart so that it can be prepared for the coming part.

Erase iPhone Data Permanently

Do not disconnect the device until all the three parts are completed. But if you want to stop the process, tap the button "Stop". In the third part, the program makes sure that all files on the hard drive are scrubbed off. More time should be consumed for the whole handset is going to be cleaned. When it is completed, press "Done".

Delete All Data from iPad

Permanently Erase iPad data

iPhone Data Eraser provides a three-day free trial. Try it and leave us comments when any problem comes up. (The free version can only get rid of music and videos.)

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 14 Feb, 2014

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