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Delete Videos from iPhone

How to Delete Videos from iPhone

Many people find it convenient to record videos with iPhone 5s. Life details are stored on the handset. So, if they want to sell the phone, personal information may be gained by the buyers. And it is possible that these things will be used to blackmail the owners. How to avoid that? Simply tapping "Erase All Content and Settings" is not enough. We need to do it thoroughly-overwrite the records. That is, "blank data" are written so as to prevent anyone from recovering the deleted videos.

The way introduced here is using iPhone Data Eraser, which can delete all videos on iPhones. Actually, you are allowed to wipe more than this. All items on the iDevice, including photos, messages and so forth, will be permanently cleared.

Delete iPhone Videos Forever

Please note that the data that are erased with iPhone Data Eraser can never be restored again unless you have a backup file. So, save the content on the computer in case that you need some information in the future.

Step 1.Connect iPhone 5s to PC

Plug the phone in after the software is opened. Tap "Trust" on the screen of the device if this is the first time that you get it connected. This is supposed to allow the computer to get access to your videos.

iPhone Data Eraser

You will then see this, telling the information of the iPhone. Click the fifth item, "Erase All Data", on the blue section.

iOS Data Eraser

Step 2.Get Started to Erase All the Content on iPhone Including Videos

Security level is adjustable. You can set it higher or lower by clicking the blue word "Medium". But, usually the default setting is good enough. It ensures that no data can be retrieved and no too much time is needed. The only thing we do is to enter the word "delete" and press "Erase Now".

Delete Videos from iPhone

Step 3.Erasure Complete

At first, the settings, photos, videos, apps and every other thing are cleaned up by iPhone Data Eraser. And then, the iDevice will restart automatically. Please be patient and do not unplug it. Or the handset might be damaged.

Erase Videos from iPhone

At last, free space is to be erased. The estimated time is shown on the top of the window. At the same time, you can see the percentage, meaning how far has the application gone. You can always press the button "Stop" when in need. Wait until you are inform that the process is completed.

Wipe All Data from iPhone

That’s the end of it. How do you like iPhone Data Eraser? Need help troubleshooting data recovery or file deletion on an iPhone? Leave us comments and we do the best we can to solve your problem.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 28 Sept,2014

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