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Delete iPhone Songs

How to Delete Songs from iPhone

Many iPhone users get this feeling that their iDevices are running more and more slowly after long time utilization. It is true that the files generated by the apps accumulate and finally affect the speed of the phone, iPhone 5c, for example. Yet, the worse thing is that we don’t even have a clue that where these data are located. Especially when one have a lot of songs taking up the space of the memory card, he can really get pissed off. "How to delete songs on iPhone?" they may ask. So, here I am to help you with the deletion thing.

First, I’d like to mention this software, iPhone Data Eraser, which not only wipe your songs, records but also all other things on the phone. Your handset will be like a new one in terms of speed.

Note: The whole phone will be cleaned up. Make a backup of your iPhone so that later you can restore the data you want. Please do so because the erasure is irreversible.

Erase Audios from iPhone in the Easiest Way

Step 1. Trust iPhone Data Eraser on iPhone

It should not be long installing the application. Opening it would be the second thing that you do. Then, plug one end of a USB cord into the USB port on the computer and the other end into the dock connector of the iDevice. If this is the first time you do this, please turn to the phone and click "Trust" on the screen to allow the PC to get access to your files.

iOS Data Eraser

This is what you can see after that-the information.

iPhone Data Eraser

Step 2. Delete iPhone Songs Permanently

Security Level is adjustable. Usually, we set it at "Medium" which means that the data will be gotten rid of without any trace.

Wipe iPhone Songs Permanently

Now, key in "delete" to make sure that you want to do this and press "Erase Now".

Step 3. Wait until the Whole iPhone is Erased

There will be two runs in total. In the first one, your songs, movies and many other things will be wiped.

Erase Songs from iPhone

During the two, your device should shut down and start again. All these are done automatically. So, don’t worry about it and spend your time on working or anything you like.

Delete iPhone Songs

In the second run, iPhone Data Eraser’s task is to replace the free space with random files. And because the whole phone needs to be dealt with, this step takes a little longer.

Eraser iPhone Songs Permanently

You’ll find it worthwhile after trying iPhone Data Eraser. And do remember to recover the original data from that backup file I have mention at the beginning of this guide.

Note: If you want to wipe songs only, a free trial version is enough, because it only erase the audios and movies in the apps.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 20 Feb, 2014

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