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Erase All Content and Settings on an iPhone

How to Erase All Content and Settings on an iPhone

Have you ever encountered this-you get your iPhone dropped and need to send it for repairs? Many iDevice users, I believe, have experienced that. And if you are one of them, have you wondered how all the data can be erased permanently? It is really an important thing if you can protect the personal information from those who can recover iPhone data. Because your contacts and everything might be made use to hurt the ones that you love or simply to post ads. Now, you will know how this is done, quickly and easily.

iOS Data Eraser, a USB cord and, of course, a computer are all you need to erase all content and settings on an iPhone, say, iPhone 5. This software allows you to get rid of the private files, the already-deleted ones and other documents. With no complex steps at all and some time spent, your phone will be wiped factory-new.

Download and try iOS Data Eraser

To Delete All iPhone 5 Data Forever

Before you begin the process, perform a backup of you iPhone please, for there is absolutely no going-back--the text messages and everything will be gone.

Step 1. Install iOS Data Eraser and Open it

Click the button above to have the application. And then set it up in your "Program File" folder. When it is done, launch the software so that you can continue. Now, connect your iPhone with PC. The interface may say "Failed to connect". Next, you go to the phone and press "Trust".

iPhone Data Eraser

All done, you will have this window. Your phone information is shown.

iOS Data Eraser

Step 2. Confirm Your Order to Erase the Whole iPhone

First, choose "Erase All Data" on the side panel. After that, key in the word "delete" and press the button "Erase Now". This is to make sure that you have make up your mind but not click it accidently.

Erase All Contents from iPhone

Note: You can change the "Security Level" by tapping "Medium".

Step 3. Spend Your Time Doing Other Things When Erasure is in Process

iOS Data Eraser will first clean up your movies, songs, settings, any thing that is in iPhone 5. (If you are using the free version, only videos and music in apps will be deleted.) And then, your iDevice will shut down and start again for the second run.

Erase All iPhone Data Permanently

Erase All Files from iPhone

This time, the program is going to deal with the free space. It takes some time, as the whole phone is to be written with data. So, wait patiently. The last thing we do is to click "Done" at the end.

Erase All of Free Space from iPhone

iOS Data Eraser supports up to 28 types of file, such as Safari Bookmarks, photos and so forth. Sincerely hope that it can help you with this kind of difficulty. And if you want to share this article with your friends, please make use of the social platform by clicking the icons.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 6 Feb, 2014

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