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Delete Private Pictures from iPhone

How to Delete Private Pictures from iPhone

The Reason Why You Need This Guide:

Suppose you are to sell your old iPhone, what would be the first thing you do? Yes, import the data to the computer so you can still have them. And, what comes next? Many may think of data erasure. Exactly, because you certainly don’t want a stranger to find your personal files like pictures and make use of them. But, the problem is that if you want to batch remove hundreds of them directly from the iDevice, it must be a tedious task and more importantly, others can still recover these photos from iOS easily.

How This Problem Can be Solved:

I would suggest that you download iPhone Data Eraser and follow the guide below. (iPhone Data Eraser is a professional application used for wiping and overwriting files so that the old information can never be retrieved. Of course, deleting private pictures from iPhone is supported.)

Three parts are involved:

Tips: Please transfer the needed data to the computer first as a backup. This is extremely important because the erasing process is irreversible and you may suffer from a great loss not doing so.

Part One: Dump Private Images on iPhone Permanently

Step 1.Trust the Computer and Scan for Information

Installment need to be done first. And then, use a USB cord to connect the phone to the PC. If connection fails, you will see this interface. The most likely solution is to go to your handset and see whether there is such a pop-up box, asking if you want to trust the computer. Tap "Trust". Didn’t work? Try reconnecting.

Dump Private Images on iPhone

Now, choose "Erase Private Data".

iPhone Data Eraser

The last thing in this step is to tap the button "Start Scan" and wait for the scanning to end.

iOS Data Eraser

Step 2.Preview Pictures and Delete the Selected Items

You are allowed to see the existing photos but not the deleted ones. Please note that there are both "Photos" in the home directory and under the category of "Deleted Data". Click to view the details. And then, tick them and press the button "Erase Now" at the bottom right.

Eraser Private Data from iPhone

Part Two: Clean up Deleted Pictures

The existing files will not be impacted. If you want to get rid of all the images, delete them first.

Step 1.Choose the Mode "Erase Deleted Files"

When connection is done, click the fourth section on the left. The interface is telling you that your iOS device will still be jailbroken after using this mode. Next, tap "Start Scan", the blue button in the middle.

Wipe Photos from iPhone

Step 2.Erased Chosen iPhone Data

The result can be seen as the following. Eight kinds are listed for your choice. See that item in the last place? There are 14 of them in total. But you can not preview them. Tick to choose and tap the button ""Erase Now".

Erase Photos on iPhone

Part Three: Clear All iOS Data Including Photos

Though the whole phone is reset, you can still restore or get access to the file through a backup. This mode is supposed to cost more time because all of the information will be gone forever.

Step 1.Select "Erase All Data"

Click to choose the last mode, "Erase All Data". And you will then see this window. You can leave the "Security Level" by default, considering "Medium" is safe enough for normal people and does not consume as much time as "High level" does. Just enter the word "delete" and click "Erase Now" to begin the process.

Delete Photos from iPhone

Step 2.Understand What is Undergoing

This step consists of three parts: to erase photos, apps, music and other things; to restart the phone; to clear free space. (The free version only allows you to deal with the music and movies in the apps. And it is also permanent.)

Delete Private Pictures on iPhone

The Phone is now shutting down and starting again. When it is done, the third part will begin automatically.

Erase Private Image from iPhone

It makes sure that your data are scrubbed off the free space and absolutely untraceable.

Erase All Data from iPhone

I am sure that you will find iPhone Data Eraser impressive. Have something that you don’t understand? Please let us know by leaving comments below.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 22 Sept, 2014

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