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How to Delete Music from iPhone

Are you getting tired of the songs or the artists? In need to free up some space? If you are now in one of the mentioned situations, this article can perfectly meet the demand to delete the music from iPhone. Normally, on iOS 7, what you need to do this is: go to "iTunes & App Store" > Turn off iTunes Match > go to the Music app and get rid of the files or albums one by one. But, the entire albums or artists cannot be wiped by a single swipe. How to do this in batches? Read more for the answer.

iPhone Data Eraser is the solutions that we will talk about. It can clean up all the data on iPhone including songs so that your phone can run faster.

Note: Please do an iPhone backup so that you can later recover the deleted files from it. What we are going to do is irreversible.

Wipe Music from iPhone as in All Data

Step 1. Download iOS Data Eraser

You need to click the button above to have the software on your PC. When you have installed and open it, a box may pop up to ask whether you are to trust this computer.

iPhone Data Eraser

Then, some information of the handset such as the name, the iOS version and so on will be displayed on this window. To proceed to the next step, you will have to press "Erase All Data" in the blue section on the left side.

Erase Music from iPhone

Step 2. Dump the Songs on iPhone Forever

Before you get started, read the instruction on the interface first and make sure you have done exactly what it says—close all background apps, wait for updates to be completed and back up needed information. After that, type the word "delete" in the blank and press "Erase Now".

iOS Data Eraser

Now, iOS Data Eraser will begin to clear the music, apps, contacts and so forth. (You can use the free version to erase songs and videos in the apps only.) And then, your iPhone should restart when all is dealt with. Finally, the whole device is to be written with random data so that erasure can be untraceable, meaning no a single application can retrieve the deleted things without a backup.

Delete Music from iPhone

Click "Done" at the end of the process.

Wipe Music from iPhone

Your iPhone is now like a new one and ready to be sold or given away. Leave us comments below when you have questions about iPhone Data Eraser.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 5 Sept, 2014

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