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Delete Contacts from iPhone

How to Delete Contacts from iPhone

It seems to me that contacts are very important to one. Have you got the same feeling? Let me explain this to you: When you are selling your iPhone or donating it, the first thing you might think of is that the private data in it should all be deleted so that no one can see them. But, have it ever come into your mind that these things like phone numbers can still be recovered. Horrible, isn’t it? Yet, this can be solved with no trouble at all. You can overwrite the files with other ones. It does not mean that you will delete contacts from iPhone manually, because here is an application that can easily do it-iPhone Data Eraser.

No one can ever retrieve the iPhone address book that is removed by iPhone Data Eraser. This software deals with many kinds of data, such as messages, call logs, notes and so on.

The Mac and Windows versions are provided. Click the corresponding button to download.

Three parts are included in this guide.

Note: Please do a backup file so that you can recover the part that you want. The three are all irreversible.

Part One: Erase Contact with Mode One

You are allowed to get rid of personal info such as KeyBoard Cache, messages, Photos and so on.

Step 1. Get your iPhone Connected to PC

Open iPhone Data Eraser and connect the phone with a computer. When you see this window, turn to iPhone and press "Trust". It means that your settings and data can be accessed from this computer. And if the connection fails, you can pull the USB cable out and try it again.

iPhone Data Eraser

Your phone info will be shown in this way.

iOS Data Eraser

Choose "Erase Private Data" on the side bar.

Erase Contacts from iPhone

Step 2. Scan iPhone and Choose File Types

Note: Wipe the phone number first so that you can continue.

Press "Start Scan". It takes less than 5 minutes. When done, the result will be displayed. Click "Deleted Data" to see "Contacts" on the right side. Tick it and tap the button "Erase Now".

Wipe Contacts from iPhone Permanently

Press "Done" at the end. You can also clean them up under Mode Two. They are pretty much the same.

Erase iPhone Contacts

Part Two: Clean up Deleted Contacts on iPhone Forever

It is actually the same with Part One, but more direct.

Step 1. Clear the iPhone Address Book

Still you have to open iPhone Data Eraser and connect. And then follow this: Go to "Settings" >> "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" >> "iCloud" >> Switch "Contacts" to "OFF" (So that it won't sync to your account) >> Tap "Delete from My iPhone".

Step 2. Search for the Already-Deleted Contents

Choose "Erase Delete Files" and tap "Start Scan" and wait for a while. We can preview the details by clicking a specific category. Check "Contacts" and press "Erase Now".

Erase iPhone Data Forever

Choose "Done" when it is finished. And do not disconnect your phone because it could be damaged if you do so.

Part Three: Overwrite All iPhone Data Including Phone Numbers

Please be aware that the whole handset will be cleaned up.

Step1. Start to Wipe iPhone

Select "Erase All Data" and you can see the box in the middle. Key in the word "delete" to confirm that you have read the do’s and don’t. Click "Erase Now" to proceed to the next step.

Delete Contacts from iOS Permanently


(1) Shut down background apps

(2) Wait for updates to end if there is any

(3) Back up the needed data

Step 2. Wait Until Your iPhone Contacts are Totally Erased

iPhone Data Eraser will first deal with the apps, photos, system settings, movies and so forth.

Eraser Data from iOS Devices

Then your phone will restart, preparing for the second run.

Wipe Data Permanently from iPhone

After that, the free space will be written with random data. The erasure will be untraceable, which means that no one can know you have ever done this.

Delete Contacts from iOS Devices

Also, clicking "Done" is needed.

Note: The free version only allows you to get rid of the music and videos.

It must be easy for you to operate iPhone Data Eraser on PC. Do not hesitate to try it by yourself. And if you find this article useful, please make use of the social sharing buttons.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 30 Jan, 2014

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