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Delete iPhone Data Before Selling

How to Delete iPhone Data Before Selling

Dear Sir:

I am about to sell my iPhone 5c and buy a new one, iPhone 6. So, I figure it is for the best to erase my files. I have already format my phone and take the SIM card out. What else can I do to further secure the personal information? ‘cause I really hate to think about that a stranger may look at my photos, messages and other stuff in the future.



To delete iPhone data before selling is to ensure that no one will ever recover the content. This can be achieved without any trouble, if iPhone Data Eraser is employed. It is an application which can erase private data, overwrite deleted content or simply wipe all files. Up to 28 types can it be applied to-contacts, messages, pictures and so forth.

Click the button to download and have a free trial.

A Tutorial to Guide You through Deletion

Before we begin, you should be reminded that it is absolutely not reversible. So, make sure that at least one backup file has been performed.

Step 1. Plug One End of a Cable into PC and the Other into iPhone 5c

Your phone should have come with a USB cord. Use it to connect the computer and your iDevice. If the window which says "Failed to connect" shows up, go to your iPhone and press "Trust" on the pop-up box.

iPhone Data Eraser

When it is done, you will see this, displaying the information of your device.

Delete iPhone Data Permanently

Step 2. To Determine that You Really Are to Delete All iPhone Data

After choosing the fourth mode, "Erase All Data", and fill the blank with "delete". In most cases, "Medium" is good enough for us, because it stands for that the phone will be written with random data without anyone knowing. All set, click "Erase Now".

Wipe Data from iPhone

Step 3.Wait Patiently until iPhone Contents are All Cleaned up

The software will first erase your apps, music & movies from iTunes, private data and so on. It counts down for you on the top of the interface. At the end, your iPhone will restart.

iOS Data Eraser

Erase Private Data from iPhone

And then, iPhone Data Eraser starts to wipe all the free space. You may be informed on the phone that storage is almost full, please press "Done" to continue. And remember not to disconnect the iDevice.

Wipe Deleted Data Permanently


1. The last step takes some time because it does not simply delete files but totally get rid of them.

2. The free version can only do it with music and movies.

Easy as a piece of cake, right? For the safety of your family and friends, try iPhone Data Eraser. And to reassure that you have succeeded, use iPhone Data Recovery, which is a tool to retrieve files.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 28 Jan, 2014

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