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Delete History on iPhone

How to Delete History on iPhone

When you are visiting a webpage, the browser, by default, will record what you have been looking on the Internet so that you can easily go back and find that page again. Likewise, a friend of yours or even a stranger who is going to buy you iPhone is able to do that too. And it is not just Safari history can taken advantage of, but also call history and search history. If you have decided to delete these private data permanently, follow this step-by-step guide.

If you simply go to "Settings" > "Safari" > "Clear History", the files can still be retrieved, using some tool like iPhone Data Recovery. But, I am here to introduce this application-iPhone Data Eraser, with which all history on iPhone can be deleted without effort.

This article is divided into three parts:

Part One. Delete History in Private Data

One thing you need to know is that in this mode, history are both under the category of "Deleted Data" and in the "Private Data".

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC

Your handset needs to be plugged with a USB cord. When that is done, you can see this interface, which shows the details of the device-iOS version, the name and other information.

iPhone Data Eraser

Step 2. Scan and Wipe History on iPhone

When you click the section "Erase Private Data" on the side bar and click "Start Scan", iPhone Data Eraser will search for the wanted content. After that the result will be displayed like this window. Highlight "Deleted Data" and you can see some items on the right. Check "Call History". Yet, there are still "Call History" and "Safari History" in the home directory. Tick them both and press the button "Erase Now" on the bottom right.

iOS Data Eraser

Erase History from iPhone

Part Two: Prevent Deleted Files from Being Recovered

If you want to make sure that the history you have already cleaned up is irretrievable, this mode can be adopted. (Existing files is not going to be affected and your phone will stay jailbroken.)

Step 1.Select "Erase Deleted files"

Plug you iPhone in and choose the fourth section. Tap the button "Start Scan" so that the software can find the data.

Wipe History on iPhone

Step 2. Totally Erase iPhone History

The result is as the following. Tick "Call history" in the third place and you can preview it. The names, phone numbers, dates, durations and types are all included. Now, press "Erase Now".

Delete Private Data from iPhone

When erasure is in process, you can see this window, which shows the estimated time left and the kinds of data that you choose. At the end, click "Done".

Wipe History on iPhone

Delete Private Data from iPhone

Part Three: Purge All iPhone History

Please remember that the whole phone will be reset and no lost content can be retrieved. The best way to avoid possible data losses is to do a backup.

Step 1. Select "Erase All Data"

Click to choose this mode. Then, you will have to enter "delete" to confirm that you really want to wipe the whole device. Next, "Erase Now" needs to be tapped.

Delete Data from iPhone

Step 2. Make the Erasure Irrevocable

iPhone Data Eraser will first delete all the files and information, including call history, search history, Safari history and so forth. After that, you can see this interface, saying that the phone is restarting and do not disconnect it.

Erase Safari History on iPhone

Finally, there will be the "Erasing all of free space" window. This should take some time. Please wait patiently. And press "Done" when it is over.

Erase Private History from iPhone

Summary: The first mode can deal with call history and Safari history, the second mode call history and the third mode all of them (search history included). But the last part takes the longest. So, choose the one based on your need. Anyway, check iPhone Data Eraser out and you will be amazed.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 15 Sept, 2014

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