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Delete Cookies on iPhone

How to Delete Cookies on iPhone

There are several reasons why people want to clear website data-the main one being to speed up browsing. Besides, cookies can be used for tracking. If you prefer not to let sites track you, clearing out the files is a good idea. Usually, iPhone users can do this in the Setting app. But it is different when you are selling the handset, because the data can be retrieved. And your information might be taken advantage of. How to prevent this? The answer is iOS Data Eraser.

iPhone Data Eraser is a guardian of privacy. You can delete the cookies on your iPhone with a few clicks instead of overwriting them manually.

Have the software installed and try it out.

Note: Please shut down all the background apps including Safari so as to guarantee the success of the erasure. And do a backup before getting started, so that you can recover the needed data when accident deletion happens.

Part One: Wipe iPhone Cookies in Private Data

Only things like Safari Cache, Safari Cookies, and Messages are dealt with. Your videos and contacts will not be deleted.

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to PC

The first time connection is done, "Trust" on the phone screen needs to be clicked. Only by doing so can the computer gets access to the files on the handset. And then, click "Erase Private Data".

iPhone Data Eraser

Erase Private Data from iPhone

The software will scan for the content after you press the button "Start Scan" and finally list them in the way this picture shows.

iOS Data Eraser

Step 2. Select Cookies and Wipe Them Permanently

Tick "Safari Cookies" in the fourth place. The number is behind it. In this case, there are in total seven of them. Now, click "Erase Now". And the application will count down for you on the upper right corner. (If you want to quit, press "Stop".)

When you are informed that the phone has been successfully erased, tap "Done".

Wipe Private Data from iPhone

Part Two: Erase All iPhone Data Including Cookies

All the files on the device will be gone and none of them can later be restored unless you have a backup.

Step 1. Confirm Your Will to Clean up the iPhone

Choose the last mode "Erase All Data" when connection is done. Then, you can decide which security level is the one you need. (Click "Medium" and select among high, medium and low level.) Medium is recommended. Next, type "delete" into the blank and press "Erase Now".

Erase Cookies from iPhone

Step 2. Wait for a Brand-New iPhone

Waiting is all we have to do in this step. But I need to get things clear. Why it costs more time is because the whole phone, instead of a specific item, should be dealt with. Another thing is that this step includes three parts-wiping all data, restarting and overwriting the free space. Please do not unplug the iDevice until the word "Completed" is seen.

Delete Cookies from iPhone

Your iPhone is shutting down and starting again. And then, the next part will continue automatically.

Erase Safari Cookies from iPhone

After the last part, all the space that is marked as "blank" is written with random data so that no a single recovery tool, even iOS Data Recovery, can regain the deleted information.

Erase Safari Cookies on iPhone

Erase All Data on iPhone

iPhone Data Eraser can thoroughly get rid of the cookies. It is like kill two birds with one stone, in that you renew the phone and at the same time prevent your personal information from leaking.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 13 Sept, 2014

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