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Clear Storage on iPhone

How to Clear Storage on iPhone

It could be quite annoying if you get the warning "not enough available storage" a lot. When the iPhone of yours is running out of space, you might do some cleaning now and then. But, such things just keep happening, because the user data are adding every time you take a photo, download a new song or watch a movie. Deleting a few documents and videos might help you out of a jam, but it is highly suggested that you backup the needed files on the computer and get rid of those on the iDevice. One of the best ways for you to clear storage on iPhone is to turn to iPhone Data Eraser.

iOS Data Eraser can perfectly wipe your data and clean up the junk file. And there is no way for them to be recovered. (That is why you need to transfer the content to PC first.)

Download the software and set it up.

Two parts are involved:

Part One: Clean up Cached Files on iPhone

If you prefer not to dump all data, this mode is suitable for you. It is also as simple as the second way we are going to talk about.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC and Launch the Software

You need to go to the handset and see whether there is a pop-up box, if connection fails. Tap "Trust" to allow the computer to get access to the data on the device.

iPhone Data Eraser

When you have done that, the following interface will show up. The name, the storage space and the iOS version are displayed. Now, choose "Express Cleanup".

iOS Data Eraser

Step 2. Scan for Junk Files and Erase Them

When you see this window, click the button "Start Scan" at the bottom right.

Clean Storage from iPhone

Within no more than one minute, the scanning process will be over. The result is like the following. (Five kinds are included. You can view more details by clicking the size of the files)

Erase Storage from iPhone

Clean Content from iPhone

Tick the specific items you like and press "Erase Now". And tap "Done" at the end or "Rescan" to start over again.

Wipe Content from iOS Devices

Part Two: Wipe All Data on the iPhone

Of course you can do it directly from the phone. But it is easier when you use this iOS Data Eraser. (Once again, you need to know that the deleted information can not be recovered even with iOS Data Recovery.)

Step 1. Choose the Mode "Erase All Data"

Also, connection needs to be done. After that, tap the last item on the side bar which is blue. Now, select "Security Level". It is by default "Medium". But you can click to pick other levels. There are "Low", "Medium" and "High". (Higher level means safer but needs more time.) Set the "Level" at "Medium". Key in the word "delete" and press the button "Erase Now".

Erase All Data from iPhone

Step 2. Dump the Data on the Entire iPhone

iOS Data Eraser is going to wipe the media files, the private information and all the other files. You will know which kind it is dealing with by looking at the interface. And time left will be shown on the top.

Clean Content from iPhone

And then, your iPhone will restart. Finally, the program use random data to overwrite the deleted files to make sure that they cannot be retrieved. You need to press "Done" when it is over.

Erase All Content from iPhone

It is also doable to wipe unneeded things without a third-party application. But, doing it in this way can guarantee the safety of your information especially when you are giving away the device. Like our article? Share it with friends on Google+ or Facebook. And feel free to leave us comments.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 31 Aug, 2014

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