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Clear iPhone Application

How to Clear iPhone Application

It may be an odd question to ask, but some iPhone users wonder whether there is any way to delete their apps, without the risk of being recovered. Actually, we do have a means to do this. This guide is written for these two kinds of men (We don’t judge.):

(1) Apple fans that have purchased a long list of apps and got their phone storage taken up

(2) People who are afraid that their embarrassing or adult apps will be seen one day

Apparently, the first kind need to clean up their iDevices and the second need to clear the iPhone applications permanently to prevent them from being retrieved.

In order to continue, you may click the button to download this software, iPhone Data Eraser. It has been widely used by many to protect their privacy or speed up their handsets. Follow the steps and you will know how easy it is.

Your Best Choice to Uninstall iPhone Apps


(1) Backing up the device should be the first thing you do at the beginning, because you can not get access to the data after the process, if you did not do a backup.

(2) If this is the first time connection is done, go to your iPhone and tap "Trust" on the screen.

Step 1.Connect iPhone to PC

Open the software and plug the device in. You will then see the details of your handset if connection succeeds.

iPhone Data Eraser

Step 2.Erase the Whole iPhone

Now, click "Erase All Data" on the left side. Close your background apps and wait for any updates to be completed. After that, tap "Medium" to choose security level. If you want to save time, the level "Medium" is recommended. Next, enter the word "delete" and press the button "Erase Now".

Clear iPhone Application

All we need to do now is waiting. Three stages are involved in the latter part. In the first one, iPhone Data Eraser will get rid of the apps, music, contacts and other files on the phone.

Erase All Data from iPhone

In the second one, your device is going to be turned off and on automatically. Please keep it connected.

Delete iPhone Application Permanently

In the last one, you will see this interface saying "Erasing all of free space". The percentage is shown in the middle. This stage may take a little more time because the program is to write random data over the storage space.

iOS Data Eraser

With iPhone Data Eraser, all the information on the iPhone can be dumped easily. Is every step well explained? Leave us comments if you have problems when using the software. And feel free to share our software on Facebook or Google+.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 2 Oct, 2014

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