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Clear Cache on iPhone

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

iPhone gets bogged down? iPad becomes slower and slower? One of its most important factors results from too much garbage cache.

Then how to clear cache on iOS devices to save more space and speed up iPhone?

Well, this new version program—iPhone Data Eraser enables you to clean up all those junk data, aiming to make the device working as quickly as a new one.

To speed up your iDevices, what you can do is to follow the instructions below and then delete junk cache data, varying from log files, download-failed documents, valueless photos or video cache files, to garbage generated by apps and so on.


1. It is so efficient that the cleaning process costs you just a few minutes, which saves much of your cherished time.

2. With this awesome software, various kinds of useless contents and deleted personal information can be cleared permanently and never come back.

3. It applies to many categories of iOS devices, such as iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4, all iPad, iPod touch 5/4.

There are two versions of this amazing software here, please click the right one and read the tutorials.

Note: Make sure that the erasing software is well downloaded onto computer and your iPhone or iPad is already connected to PC before erasure.

Tutorial: How to Clear Cache Efficiently

When your iPhone fails to connect, press "Trust" on the phone screen. If it is detected, it will show you a picture, in which you are able to see the iOS version and memory situation of your phone.

Clear up iPhone Cache

Part 1: Quickly Clear Cache Data from "Express Cleanup"

Step 1. Scan garbage contents

Choose the second menu named Express Cleanup and simply click on "Start Scan" to scan all trash files.

Clean Cache from iPhone

Step 2. Check cache details

When scanning finishes, the amounts and sizes of different cache files will be displayed. If you want to check the details of these documents, you are supposed to click on the blue button on the right, which allows you to preview further.

Erase Cache from iPhone

Step 3. Erase garbage and save space

The final step is to tick the boxes in front of those needless files and then click "Erase Now" to make them forever gone.

After a few minutes, erasure will complete and you can see a picture as below. Click on "Done" to end this part.

Clean up iPhone Cache

Part 2: Clean up Cache Files from "Erase Private Data"

Step 1. Preview private cache data

Select "Erase Private Data" and click "Start Scan", the erasing program will analyze your private information.

Clear Cache from iPhone

All of them are displayed in five minutes, such as safari files, messages, photos, etc. Please refer to the following screenshot.

Erase iPhone Cache

Step 2. Select and delete cache files

In this procedure, what you need to do is to choose the cache files from the list. Tick the blanks in front of "Safari Cache" and "KeyBoard Cache" and click on "Erase Now" to delete.

Finally, hit on "Done" button to end.

Clear Cache from iDevices

Note: In part two, you can erase those deleted and private data, which will also save your iPhone space to some extent.

At this moment, great amounts of cache files must have been got rid of from your iDeivce. Please check if your iPhone runs faster than before.

iPhone Data Eraser is such a smart program that is well-designed to help iOS users to erase useless information. If you like this program, don't forget to share with your friends!

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 15 Aug, 2014

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