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Clean up Space on iPhone

How to Clean up Space on iPhone

My iPhone 5s always automatically appears such a prompt: Your iPhone is out of the memory! I did check it, but I cannot find what is wrong. Is there something wrong with my phone? Can I fix it?

Yes, you can! What you need to do is to clean up iOS space so as to free up more space for your device. With iPhone Data Eraser, you can help yourself out in five minutes!

Normally, more and more useful or useless files will accumulate in iPhone as time goes. There might be some other things you do not know: Junk information may hide in somewhere of your device and pile up day by day, which also occupies certain space. If you do not clean up your iPhone regularly, then it will be totally out of memory and finally bog down one day!

Under the help of iPhone Data Eraser, you can scan, preview, and clean up many kinds of valueless documents, which is conducive to free up and speed up your iOS device.

Now, please follow me to clear iPhone space! Before clearing, you are supposed to click a right version below and install this erasing program onto your computer.

Tutorial: How to clean up iPhone space

First of all, run the erasing software and connect iPhone to PC. Press "Trust" on iPhone screen, if your mobile phone fails to be detected.

Part 1: Quickly Delete Useless iPhone Files from "Express Cleanup"

In this part, you are able to remove different kinds of useless information, especially valueless cache files, failed-download documents, junk files, etc.

Step 1. Preview cache contents

Choose "Express Cleanup" on the left, and a list of cache details would be displayed on the right. If you want to preview further information, double click on the blue button on the right side of the relative folder and check them.

Clean up iOS Space

Step 2. Erase needless folders

After previewing, select what you don't need, and click on "Erase Now" to get rid of them.

Part 2: Permanently Remove Deleted iPhone Data from "Erase Deleted Files"

As a matter of fact, deleted files are still staying in somewhere of iPhone, so, if you want to free up space radically, you have to erase those deleted contents.

Step 1. Preview deleted data

Choose" Erase Deleted Files", then iOS information will be analyzed. Several minutes later, you can see an interface as below, which shows you various lost files.

Clean up Data from iPhone

Step 2. Remove useless documents

At this moment, you just need to check if they are not needed any more and then erase those needless ones.

Save iPhone Space

Note: If deleted files are erased, no way to recover them, even some data recovery programs.

Part 3: Wipe out All iPhone Data from “Erase All Data”

Want to erase all data on phone and make it as a new one? Follow these steps.

Step 1. Confirm erasing

Click "Erase All Data", Since the fact is that all erased data would never be restored, this clearing process needs you to type "delete" to confirm.

Clean up iPhone Space

Note: Back up important documents before erasing because once erasure is done, nothing can be gotten back

Step 2. Remove data sequentially

Different types of iOS data will be cleared one after and another, such as photos, music and movies, private data, and so on.

Free up iPhone Space

Erase iPhone Data

And please wait because the device will restart.

Clear Space on iPhone

That's it! Just as easy as a piece of cake!

iPhone Data Eraser is such a professional and efficient software provided for many kinds of iOS devices, varying from iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4, all iPad, iPod touch 5/4.

It costs you no penny to have a try! Click a right version here.

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Bunyan Lisa
Managing Editor
Posted - 17 Aug, 2014

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