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Totally Erase Anything You Don't Want from iPhone, iPad and iPod

Prevent Sensitive Data in Old Phones from Being Recovered Again

Speed Up Your iDevices

The new version allows you to clean up the garbage content so as to make your device working as quickly as a new one. We all know that an iPhone or an iPad gets bogged down when it is used for a long time. What we can do is to delete cache data such as log files, photos, videos, iTunes syncing files, downloaded documents and junks that are generated by apps. All these can be done with iOS Data Eraser. Besides, it only cost you less than one minute. Imagine how much time efficient software can save you!


Erase Your Private Data in Five Minutes

If one does not want to share his/her secret with others, he/she will hide it. Here, we provide a new mode for you do this: delete the documents first and then use iOS Data Recovery to restore them. Amazing, isn't it? Or, you may simply use it as a tool to get rid of the things you don't need any more, such as Cookies and messages. Deleting them in batches is much better than doing it on the iPhone.


Overwrite Deleted Files

iOS Data Eraser protects your privacy. It writes over the space with random data, and your existing content will remain unchanged. That means no tools can ever recover them. Many people sell their old iPhone 5/5c/4s/4 on eBay or donate them to charity. No matter what, one certainly don't want his/her private information leaking and being made used by identity thieves. So, before that they will manage to get the data wiped. But what they don't know is that those things can still be restored. Try this software now and need not worry about the personal data again.

Note: Preview the messages and choose the ones that are to be wiped out.


More than Deleting All Data in iPhone

Choose the "Erase All Data" mode and when it is finished, your information will be gone, totally untraceable. One may think of it as something like factory reset. Yet, the two are different. The phone numbers, pictures, movies and others can still be retrieved after the reset. Literally, no a single software in the world can do that when you have erase file with iOS Data Eraser. For it is not reversible, you need to enter the word provided to confirm the operation.

Note: Do back up your iDevices before using it in case that you need to regain something and could not.


Supported File Types

All Data Erased/ Already Deleted Files

Messages, Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, Safari Bookmarks, Photos, Videos, Safari Favorites, Apps, System Settings, Keyboard Cache, Passbook, iTunes DB, iMessage, Call History, Safari History, Voicemail, Apple ID, iCloud ID, Game Center, Apple Maps, Weather, Stocks, Newsstand Facetime,.

Messages, iMessage, Contacts, Call History, Facetime, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Safari Bookmarks, Photos, Videos

Supports all iPhones, iPads and iPods ever created.
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